Thursday, 22 September 2011

Reviews on Neoflam cookware - 26cm wok

Neoflam 26cm wok
My mom gave me this wok when I moved to my new house. She said that this wok is made in Korea and the Ecolon coating on the wok is not harmful to the human body unlike traditional cookware which is PTFE-based non-stick coating. My husband is very particular about "non-stick" cookware as he wants a wok which is really "non-stick" - where the egg won't stick to the pan when you cook it. For me, I just want something that can churn out nice food, easy to wash and not harmful to my family's health.  According to my mom, the wok you use determines the taste of your food. Whatever...

So how is the Neoflam wok?

1) Height: I quite like to use it to cook meat dishes - I.e. Pan fried fish, curry but I find it too low when I use it to cook vegetables. The vegetables tend to "overflow" when you put them in the wok - I usually use Neoflam 30cm wok to cook vegetables as the height is much taller.

2) Non-stick element: Well, contrary to what is written, food does stick to the wok. So it is not like some advertisement which I have watched on TV where the egg will just glide smoothly on the wok.

3) Washing: It is a disaster when washing because the food sticks to the bottom of the wok after you pan fry stuffs. Luckily for me, my mom taught me a method for easy removal of these items - Boil some water using the wok after cooking and it will be much easier to scrub and remove the debris.

4) Cooking: I like for the fact that there is a glass lid so I can cover the wok* when cooking, I.e. when pan frying stuffs.

5) Weight: This wok is too heavy for me. I am quite petite so lifting the wok when filled with food is quite tedious.

6) Scratch Resistance:  When my husband and I used our first Neoflam wok, he caused scratches on the side of the wok when cooking fried rice. The Ecolon coating flakes off revealing the inside of the wok. We were surprised at how "vulnerable" the wok was and that it was not as "extremely" scratch resistant as it claims to be. We requested for an exchange but the manufacturer declined and so we threw the wok away as I am worried that it may be hazardous to health even though the manufacturer said that it is still safe.

7) The handle is not metal** so you don't need to worry about it being hot. One have to be cautious when holding the wok though as there is a connecting part between the handle and the wok which is made of metal so it will be quite hot. 

8) Price: The price is quite ok if you buy it during Sales period at OG or Robinson. They usually give a minimum discount of 20% =)

After talking to my mother, who raved about how good the Neoflam wok was, I decided to give it another try. On the whole, I think that the Neoflam wok is quite value for money and does serve its purpose well.  

* Not all woks have covers
** There are woks with metal handles... Think will be tough to hold... >_<

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  1. Hey I really enjoyed your post.i think your mom's gift really work very well.all features of this neoflam cookware looking amazing.