Sunday, 6 May 2012

Updated review on Neoflam cookware - 26cm wok after 1 year of usage

My mom gave me the Neoflam cookware - 26cm wok last year when I moved into my new house.  She mentioned that Neoflam cookware is good because the Ecolon coating on the wok is not harmful to the human body unlike traditional cookware which is PTFE-based non-stick coating. Previously I did a review on the wok on its overall functionality after using it for a few months. (You can go to Reviews on Neoflam cookware - 26cm wok for a recap of what was mentioned there.) 

Now, after using the Neoflam cookware for 1 year, I have decided to give another updated review on its usage.

Neoflam 26cm wok

As mentioned in the previous post, I found the non-stick element of the Neoflam wok lacking and after 1 year of usage, the problem seemed to worsen. Almost everything started to stick to the bottom of the wok and washing was a nightmare. I had to practically boil water using the wok every time I used it in order to remove the debris easily. Even so, there were still stains that I cannot remove at the bottom of the wok.

My husband and I have since used the wok less frequently as we don't like the food sticking to the bottom of the wok. I have just purchased a few other woks:

1) Happy call double sided pan

My mom bought this a few months back and she said that this double sided pan is good. She felt that the food she cooked using this pan are healthier as she doesn't need to use much oil. In addition, she mentioned that this double sided pan is great for cooking fish as you can just flip the pan to cook the other side of the fish.

Note: I hate cooking fish because of all the oil splattering and it is tough to make sure the fish is evenly cooked because of its odd shape. So this pan may be good as there is a "cover" to prevent the oil from splattering.

2) Seshin Queensense Elegance Multi pan

My Mother-in-law bought this for me. It is similar to Happy call double sided pan and is made in Korea, however they are of a different brand and it is of a bigger size compared to Happy call. There are also some subtle differences which I will update in another post.

3) Happy call ceramic pot

My mom and I first saw these pots on a local home shopping program - Lejel home shopping show broadcasted on Channel U. They are of the same brand as the Happy Call double sided pan and is also made in Korea. It is non stick (Hopefully) and you can boil soup without needing to fear the soup overflowing when it is boiling. 

You can watch the original Korea happy call video here: Happy Call Double Pan (Korea) home shopping programme

I am still on a lookout for better woks and will update my findings on this blog at a later date. Do share here if you find some good cookwares!

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